Spectre Top Down Desktop App is a Windows app in the Spectre Top Down Camera solution which allows users to record bin videos from above flatbed trucks. If you are a large packhouse that needs a huge number of fruits sized quickly and accurately, then this is for you!

With current QC processes happening at a breakneck pace, our product aims to further streamline by eliminating bottlenecks and sizing an entire truck's worth of apples in seconds. 

Here are a few images of TopDown in action:

Once setup is complete, trucks can pass under the camera while a QC operator uses the desktop app to capture the passing bins. Once it's uploaded, our Spectre AI system comes into play, extracting bin images from the video and sending size and color data to all users. Since results are sent to the cloud, anybody with an iPad or iPhone can view the in-app results as soon as they're uploaded.


In the picture below, you can see how easy our system is to use at a glance. Clever Simplicity indeed! 

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