Pruning and Thinning Overview

So it’s time to prune and thin your trees in preparation for the next harvest. Hectre offers a helpful, simple way to manage, log and review your pruning and thinning process. From setting up your rows and tree counts right through to reviewing how many trees your staff have pruned and where—we have you covered!

Creating Rows with Tree Counts

Before pruning or thinning begins, you will need to ensure that your Rows have been created as part of adding Orchards/ Ranches, Blocks, Sub-Blocks and Rows. From the Hectre dashboard Orchards module, you can add specifics of how many rows are contained in a sub-block and even how many trees are in each row!

To find out more about this process check out how to maintain Orchard location details

If you don’t have specific details on the rows contained in a block but still want to record pruning or thinning timesheet information, then no stress. Simply add a row number of zero and a tree number of zero to your sub-block, and you’ll have the ability to log pruning/ thinning information against a sub-block in your timesheets.

Recording Pruning or Thinning Information in Timesheets

Now, your team are out in the field and getting to work on pruning or thinning the trees. Hectre has a simple way of making sure you can create pruning and thinning jobs and record how many trees your staff have pruned or thinned against these jobs.This will enable you to record how many trees have been pruned, where and by whom.

As part of creating a timesheet for your team, you’ll be able to select a job type of either Thinning or Pruning. This will allow you to assign staff to a row as part of the location selection and to set a piece rate per tree for this timesheet (or you can set it to wages if you prefer).

After you have created a timesheet, you will also be able to go back into that timesheet to update the number of trees a staff member has completed. This can also be done as part of clocking out a timesheet. 

For an in-depth review of how to record pruning and thinning jobs, check out how to record pruning and thinning jobs.

Reviewing Pruning or Thinning Information

There are several areas in the Hectre system where you can review information regarding pruning and thinning jobs.

In the Hectre Dashboard, we have the Timesheets module, in which you can view the number of trees pruned for each timesheet and the time taken to do so. In the Insights module, you can view the total labour cost of pruning or thinning work. Even the Hectre Payroll module allows you to filter by either Pruning or Thinning job types to see the wage totals for pruning or thinning work over a pay run period.

As well as the Hectre dashboard, you can also utilise the mobile app to analyze data regarding Pruning and Thinning. In the Timesheets module, when viewing the Summary page, you can view the “Number of trees” completed in a timesheet (as well as the piece rate value, if applicable). Here, we also display a daily overview containing the total number of trees pruned or thinned, an hour piece rate average, and the average minutes spent per tree.

On top of this, you can also view a breakdown of who pruned/thinned what and where in the Insights module on the app.

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