What is Spectre Hand-Held

Spectre Hand-Held is a revolutionary product developed by Hectre, aimed at simplifying the processes in orchards and fruit warehouses. With the use of computer vision and machine learning AI, Spectre Hand-Held allows users to detect and fruit size in a bin by simply taking a photo using a standard iPad or iPhone.

Maximize Your Harvest with Spectre Hand-Held

🍎 Instant Fruit Analysis: Quickly obtain precise fruit size and color data with a simple photo, streamlining your harvest and packing processes.

🚀 Enhance Operational Efficiency: Ensure adherence to picking instructions, reducing wastage and optimizing packline efficiency by knowing the exact fruit size entering the line.

📊 Make Strategic Decisions: Use reliable early data to make informed choices about picking, storage, and sales, locking in profitable deals and improving fruit management.

💻 Easy Integration and Accessibility: Access and share fruit data on-the-go via the Spectre Dashboard, available on both mobile and laptop, and integrate seamlessly with other systems using the Spectre API.

👩‍🌾 User-Friendly for Large Operations: Benefit from a straightforward interface that supports unlimited users without additional costs, making it ideal for extensive agricultural ventures.

Key Articles to Guide You

Getting Started

This introductory phase is crucial. Before you dive into the functionalities of Spectre Hand-Held

  • Download the Spectre Hand-Held app on your device: Setting up is the first step. For a comprehensive guide on downloading and setting up, refer to the article on Downloading the Hectre / Spectre app on your device.
  • Accessing Your Account: Security is paramount. To know more about account access, check out the articles on Sign in, sign out and reset your password.
  • Initial setup / Configuración inicial: Find out how to change the language settings or add multiple quickly by reading 'Change the app language to Spanish'. / Descubre cómo cambiar la configuración de idioma o añadir muchos rápidamente leyendo 'Cambiar el idioma de la aplicación a español'.
  • Learn about Spectre's color automation using Color Families and Color Parameters

Using the App

Now that you're set up, it's time to dive into the core functionalities.

Viewing results | App and Viewing results | Dashboard

Post-capturing, the analysis is vital. Get the best out of your collected data with


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Spectre Hand-Held, is not just a product; it's a solution to a real set of problems faced by growers and packers. A solution designed to empower the world’s fruit growers and warehouses with the data they need, when they need it. With the benefits of reliable size and color data, it's an innovation that promises to reshape how orchards and fruit warehouses operate.

For a deep dive into any of the sections above, please refer to our Help Articles. Whether you're just getting started or looking for advanced tips, we've got all the information you need.

Note: Always ensure your Hectre mobile app is updated for the best experience.

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