Timesheets Overview

From logging to processing, timesheets are an important part of your organisation, and it’s crucial to get them right. To help you with this, Hectre’s simple to use Timesheet module in the Hectre app makes it easy for supervisors to log timesheet information out in the field. The Hectre dashboard also hosts its own version of the Timesheet module, which will allow you to review important timesheet-based inforation.

Logging timesheets.

Your team is out in the field and ready to go. Now it’s time to create timesheets for your team so you can log what it is they are doing. The Hectre app provides an easy way to do this through the Timesheet module. First things first though, if you haven’t already built your team, you can do this through the Build Team view in the Timesheet module. 

Once your team is ready to go, you can set about clocking them into specific jobs and creating the timesheets.

  1. Select the team members who are starting a particular job.
  2. Select the location in which they are working.  
  3. Set the clock in time.

That’s it! However, don’t forget to create a timesheet for yourself!

Team Members on Leave

When you are clocking your team in, you may find that one of your team members is on leave. No problem! Simply record the leave through the timesheet module.

Employee Identification Badges

If your team is using identification badges, Hectre allows you to utilize them with the Timesheet module’s Scan Functionality. Through Hectre, you can also print the employee badges if need be.

Timesheet Edit Functionality

Because we all make mistakes every now and then, Hectre offers the functionality to Edit and Delete timesheets, along with providing the ability to bulk delete a group of timesheets

The Timesheet module’s Edit functionality also allows you to edit a job location. The Edit functionality also allows you to add lunch breaks and clock the team out. And if you need to set the rate types for a Timesheet, you can do that too.

Create or Edit Previous Day Timesheets

If you forget to record a timesheet for a previous day, don't worry, the Timesheet module gives you the ability to create the forgotten timesheet. What's more, you can also edit timesheets from a previous day.

Reviewing Timesheets

To review timesheet information in the app, check out the Summary view in the Timesheet module. The Summary display will show you an easy to view list of timesheets for a selected day, and if you are logging picking jobs, you will be able to see the total bin count along with an average hourly piece rate cost.

You can also view a weekly summary, in which you can review timesheet information regarding each staff member who worked that week,  the total number of hours worked, and the average hourly piece rate for that week.

To find out more about the Timesheet Summary view, check out Part 4 of our Creating Timesheets documentation.

For your administrators, the Hectre dashboard provides the Timesheet module to review the timesheets across the entire organisation. To easily view the information you require, Hectre offers the following filters: Date, Supervisor, Staff Member, Job, Sector, Orchard, Block, Variety, Rate Type (wages or piece rate) and Contractors. 

From here, it is easy to see if there are any timesheets in progress through the End column, and whether lunch breaks have been applied via the Job column.

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