Harvest Overview for Supervisors

It’s time to get picking! The Hectre app Picking Module offers an easy, instinctive way to log bin details while you’re out in the field with your team. Before you start picking, you’ll want to ensure your team is clocked in via the Hectre app Timesheets Module.

In this article we’ll cover

  • Setting up your bin tickets
  • Logging and editing bins
  • External bin tickets
  • Logging and editing buckets
  • QC and Performance

Find links within each section to learn more!

Setting up your bin tickets

By this point in time, your bin docket display settings should already be set. However, check out the below link if you need to make changes.

Recording bins

With your bin docket preferences locked in, you’re all set to start logging bins and printing off tickets.

External bin tickets

In some instances, bin dockets will be provided by the packhouse or other external sources. Hectre provides the means to use these as your sole identifier for the bin.

Logging and editing buckets

If you're harvesting Cherries or other small fruits you'll more than likely want to utilise Hectre's Cherry module to record your harvest module.

QC and Performance

Hectre provides the capability to record and view QC (Quality Control) information in the mobile application.

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