Bin Harvest for Supervisors

It’s time to get picking! The Hectre app Picking Module offers an easy, instinctive way to log bin details while you’re out in the field with your team. So, let’s get started!

Before you start picking, you’ll want to clock in your team via the Hectre app Timesheets Module. Once this is done, you can get to work filling the bins up.

By this point in time, your bin docket display settings should already be set. However, if you need to make changes, the Hectre app offers the ability to customize bin docket information. If you can’t find the settings you need, you may need your manager to add or edit some of the docket-related information.

With your bin docket preferences locked in, you’re all set to record picking jobs and print the dockets! As we all know, mistakes can sometimes get made, so Hectre also offers a great way to edit and delete bin records.

It may not always be the case that you wish to print your own dockets. In some instances, bin dockets will be provided by the packhouse or other external sources. Hectre can handle this by providing the ability to scan external bin tickets.

Potentially, you will also be required to log QC information while picking. In this case, Hectre provides a great way to record QC Details for a bin

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